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StoryBox n°116 

Mystery letter

Something about the author

Veronique Massenot obtained a degree in Art History. After the birth of her first child, she wrote her first novel. Since then, she has continued to write children’s picture books and novels for young readers. She also visits schools regularly and holds writing workshops.
Like Martin, Veronique really received a letter sent to her to...China, which got returned to her home in France. It was her aunt who played this little trick on her!
She has also written “Village of a Thousand Treasures” featured in StoryBox this year.
You can learn more of Veronique Massenot's work by visiting http://www.veroniquemassenot.net/

Something about the illustrator
When Aurelie was Martin’s age, her dad spent several months in China for his job. So she tried to think very hard about her childhood to illustrate this story. She also remembered “The Blue Lotus”, a Tintin adventure that she read again and again when she was little.
Young illustrator Aurélie Guilleret was born in 1975 in France. After a diploma in Decorative Arts, she becomes a children’s illustrator. She has illustrated numerous books and works a lot with the press, and especially with us, Bayard!

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